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Southern sotho dictionary

English - Southern Sotho dictionary online at Glosbe, free. Browse phrases and ready translation memories. South Africa translation in English-Southern Sotho dictionary. BUKANTSWE: Online Sesotho - English Dictionary / Bukantswe ya Sesotho le Senyesemane Southern Sotho - English online.

Bukantswe v.3 - Online Sesotho - English dictionary -- Bukantswe ya Sesotho le Senyesemane. Sesotho or Southern Sotho - English online bilingual dictionary. Sesotho dictionary - Look up the meaning of words, slangs, phrases, and abbreviations. We have combined the most accurate Sesotho to English South African. Translation of Southern Sotho | The people of Qwaqwa speak Southern Sotho just like the people of Lesotho.

Definition of Sesotho - the South Sotho language of the Basotho people, an official language in Lesotho and South Africa, with over 5 million speakers. southern-sotho definition: Proper noun 1. Sesotho. (language). Contemporary Examples of sesotho. She nods to me and greets her friends in Sesotho, the lingua franca among black South Africans in this. Southern Sotho definition: → another name for Sesotho | Meaning, pronunciation , translations and examples.