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Find out how AESPcLink, AESWebLink, AESDirect Virtual Private Network (VPN) and EEI functionality is being phased-out or changing. To download AESPcLink Standard Edition, you must: Not have AESPcLink Standard Edition already installed. Have a valid AESDirect Username and Password. AESPcLink is a software component of AESDirect that lets you manage your AES Shipment (SED) filings locally from your own in-house computer(s). AESPcLink.

The second day will offer an AESPcLink. The most used and recognized offshore pipeline standard in the world has been updated to reflect in the new second. /11/ By: Brooke Driver. Source: AES Broadcast # Have you updated your AESPcLink software yet? If you are having issues with the new. AESPCLink and AESPCLink Network Edition are now available with support for the FTR informed compliance period in effect through.

April 4, Broadcast # Software Update Required: New Versions of AESPcLink Available This message is for AESPcLink users only. AESPcLink. It is strictly for the attention of filers using the legacy AESDirect portal at aesdirect. and the AESPcLink application. Reminder: On. Certification Quizzes Take the AESDirect Interactive Certification Quiz · Take the AESPcLink Certification Quiz. In order to be authorized to file shipment.